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some authors consider sternalis muscle a variant of pectoralis major muscle rather than of the rectus abdominis muscle 7. sternalis muscle may give some superior muscular slips which blend into pectoralis major; absence. seen in Poland syndrome; Radiographic features Mammography. The breast lies over the musculature that encases the chest wall. 16/05/2011 · Background. The sternalis muscle is an anatomical variant of the anterior thoracic region musculature well documented and familiar to anatomists but quite unknown among clinicians and radiologists. It lies superficially and perpendicular to the pectoralis major.

The sternalis muscle runs from the jugular notch of the manubrium superiorly, to approximately the caudal inferior aspect of the sternum. It is found adjacent to the medial edge of pectoralis major. Radiographic features Mammography. The mammographic appearance of the sternalis muscle is. Sometimes a vertical sheet of muscle fibers stretching via root of the neck to the upper portion of the abdomen enter superficial to the medial portion of pectoralis major. It is called rectus sternalis or sternalis muscle. Actions. The clavicular head bends the arm, while sternocostal head adducts and medially turns the arm. Clinical significance. The sternalis muscle is an anatomical variation that lies in front of the sternal end of the pectoralis major parallel to the margin of the sternum. The sternalis muscle may be a variation of the pectoralis major or of the rectus abdominis. Sternalis; Sternalis muscle, in line with Rectus Abdominis and Sternomastoid, was found in 6% of 535. Pectoralis Major Rupture. Lennard Funk. The Pectoralis major is a very powerful muscle that forms the chest prominence and. It moves the shoulder forwards and across your chest. It is best known as the muscle that you develope with the bench press exercise. The pec major attaches to the humerus bone upper bone of arm and is divided into two.

All slips of pectoralis major muscle as well sternalis muscle innervated by medial and lateral pectoral nerves. Absence of pectoralis major has been described extensively, both as an isolated anomaly, with varying levels of hypoplasia, and in association with congenital syndromes. The sternalis is a rarely encountered subcutaneous muscle band in the anterior thoracic wall. Although it has been observed often in varying forms, the sternalis typically lies parallel to the sternum over the medial border of the pectoralis major as it extends from the upper sternum to the costal region [1]. 03/01/2017 · A unilateral four-headed pectoralis major muscle was observed on the left side of an 83 year-old Caucasian male cadaver. The accessory tendon arises from the lateral aspect of the pectoralis major muscle, travels along with the tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii and blends into the capsule of the shoulder joint.

The pec minor is a major contributor to rounded shoulder posture. When the pectoralis minor muscle tightens and shortens, it pulls the shoulders forward which causes hunched upper body posture and upper back pain. The pectoralis minor along with the scalenes, are known as neurovascular entrappers. Fig. 1. Sternalis Muscle in 20 week old fetus A Sternalis Muscle and Pectoralis tertius B Pectoralis major reflected superolaterally, Sternalis muscle reflected inferiorly pm – pectoralis major, pt – pectoralis tertius, sm – sternalis muscle, arrows – anterior branches of 2nd to.

These muscles are often vestiges or developmental aberrations without having any functional role. The anterior chest wall is primarily contributed by pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The sternalis muscle, superficial to pectoralis major muscle with slight oblique orientation with the sternal border is present with equal sexual distribution. Case report: bilateral sternalis muscles with a bilateral pectoralis major anomaly M. N. O'NEILL Department of Anatomy, National University of Ireland at Galway, Galway, Ireland. 04/02/2011 · Pectoralis major muscle was removed together with the nearby rectus sternalis muscle, both were preserved in a plastic jar. Pectoralis major muscle was removed together with the nearby rectus sternalis muscle, both were preserved in a plastic jar. Skip navigation Sign in. Pectoralis major muscle lat. musculus pectoralis major is a muscle on the anterior part of the chest. Origin It arises from the anterior surface of the sternal part of the clavicle pars clavicularis, from the sternum pars sternalis and from the cartilages of the true ribs pars abdominalis. The heads of the pectoralis major converges on the humerus where it inserts into the bicipital groove. Blood supply. The thoraco-acromial artery provides its major blood supply, while the intercostal perforators arising from the internal mammary artery provide a segmental blood supply.

The Conjoined Sternalis-Pectoralis Muscle Flap in Immediate Tissue Expander Reconstruction After Mastectomy Matthew R. Schulman, MD, and Jin K. Chun, MD Abstract: The sternalis muscle is an accessory muscle of the anterior chest wall. This is a rare anatomic variant reported in approximately 8% of the population, with variation among races. Sternalis muscle is a supernumerary muscle of the anterior chest wall. It is found anteriorly to pectoralis major and usually courses parasternally to the sternum. It has variable origin from the upper sternum and pectoral region; similarly it has variable insertion to the lower sternum, pectoral region, ribs, and rectus abdominis sheath.

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