The Scholar And The Boatman Story Moral |

A scholar and a boatman story moral. The Scholar And The Boatman. Competing Story on a Scholar and a Boatman: There was a poor boatman in a village. He was illiterate. He used to row boat from morning till evening only to meet his both ends. There was no meaning of knowledge to him. He again asked the boatman, “Do you know about the history of human civilization?” The reply of the boatman was the same as before. This time the scholar told the boatman that he had already spoilt three fourths of his life and he could not come to any use to the society. A scholar of language and grammar undertook a journey. A river had to be crossed. As was the custom in those days, the scholar hired the boat of a waiting ferryman who took people across the river. During the journey, the scholar asked the ferryman, with obvious pride and mockery, if he knew anything about grammar and the rules of language. 29/04/2018 · The boatman said, "No". The scholar told him that without any knowledge of history one-fourth of his life was spoilt. He looked at the beautiful scenery and asked the boatman again whether he had read geography. As usual, the reply of the boatman was in the negative. This time the scholar said that one half of the boatman's life was spoilt. Once a flippant scholar was going to a place by boat, it was the beginning of the summer season. The boatman set sail and the boat was advancing smoothly. The scholar said to the boatman, “Did you read history?” The boatman said No The scholar told him that.

29/08/2010 · Once a scholar was crossing a river in a canoe along with the boatman. They spent a while in a conversation. During the conversation, the scholar named different Holy books and asked the boatman if he had read any of them. The boatman said no. The scholar. In the old times there were only rowboats to cross the Straits of the Bosphorus in Turkey, not the large boats of today. If you wanted to go from one side to the other, you hired a boat with five or ten other people and paid the boatman to take you across. One day, a []. Pic.: Chetna Shetty In my opinion, the most number of prejudiced people are found in two areas around us: Religion and Politics. Our education, social background, financial status, none of these really can help us if we have strongly-rooted affiliation to a certain political party or religious sect.

The moral message of the story. The hustle and bustle of modern life is full of appealing characteristics, much like the luxurious castle of the scholar. From the drops of dew on young leaves, to the majestic mountain ranges beyond the gardens; from the smile of a baby, to the gentle, loving face of its mother. Read The Boatman and Scholar from the story Stories That Will Change Your Life by Siddhesh900 Siddhesh Patankar with 896 reads. selfhelp, childhood, spiritu. 13/12/2015 · This time the scholar said that one half of the boatman’s life was spoil. Then they were silent for some time. It was afternoon. The scholar broke the silence and said to the boatman, “Do you know anything about science?” “No, nothing do I know of science”, was the answer of the boatman. The scholar said to him that his life was of no.

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